Trent Whitehead

The Rest Is In You

RVCA Corner Gallery and Mild-Manners Gallery, 2015


New painting by Trent Whitehead

April 10th - April 30th

Following on from his hugely popular Sydney exhibition 'If Not Now, When?' in Sydney last year, Whitehead has been back in the studio to produce of larger paintings for his debut Melbourne solo exhibition.

Whitehead's works are based on series of imaginary creatures, often warped interpretations of people, plants and animals he encounters in everyday life. The intensity of these works capture the effervescence of the artist himself, pooling both experiences of his existence and abilities of his imagination to breathe life and kaleidoscopic colour into his painting and sculptural pieces.

With a background in graphic design and no formal arts practice, his meticulously detailed characters works have still opened doors with exhibitions in Sydney at Monster Children Gallery and Boutwell Draper Gallery.

RVCA CORNER GALLERY\ 82 Stanley St,Collingwood\ Victoria, Australia.




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